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Dogged Days

We’re into the thick of summer now, with the heat and the bugs, the long days and short nights, travel plans and trips to the pool. It really is a glorious time. And, it can be a time for reflection. The heat can make us pause and be still. The long days bring to fruition what started in the spring. You sow seeds, watch them grow, and harvest the fruits at the end of the summer. Now is a time for patience.

One of my beliefs as a trainer is, “Wherever you start, you can make progress.” What I mean is that neither your level of fitness nor your age matters when you start a fitness program; you can change, grow, and improve. The key is to have patience. Change doesn’t happen overnight. You have to trust that your actions will bear fruit. You have to nourish the seed you’ve sowed, too. That is, you have to keep making the time to do the work and provide yourself with the other things you may need—like healthy food and adequate sleep. Like a tomato plant, you may need support, like a friend or a trainer.

Summer can be a time of reflection, too. A time to consider the bigger picture, and to think about where you want to focus your energy and attention. (In this heat, you have to be efficient!) If fitness is a goal, start simple, stay consistent, keep the faith, and slowly but surely, you will notice changes. You may notice it’s easier to get up off the couch. Maybe you aren’t tired after you walk the dog. Maybe your clothes are fitting a little more loosely. Then your grandchildren notice that you’re getting down on the floor to play with them. And your spouse notices that you’ve stopped complaining about your back. You notice you're sleeping better and you don’t worry anymore about being able carry the groceries into the house.

Your patience and perseverance has paid off!

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