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incremental change can be BIG

My client Diane went on vacation with her family and sent me this note: "My kids and grands were amazed to see me get into the water and to be strong enough to climb the ladder back into the boat. 'You could never have done that five years ago.' Guess I’m getting stronger but probably more confident. Thanks."

I was so pleased to receive this note. It is a good example of how incremental change can result in big changes. Sadly, small changes can be hard to notice, or we might discount them. But acknowledging the small efforts and changes can be motivating. Being a bit ADD, it took me a long time to learn to focus on the small tasks and not get overwhelmed by what felt like an enormous project. When you give your credit for the one workout or the small task completed, these simple accomplishments can be rewarding and keep you going. All of sudden (it seems) you've done something big!

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