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It's not "virtual" training. It's real. It's just on-line!

Those of you who are currently working with me know that I have moved onto the zoom platform to meet with clients online.

I was concerned that I wouldn’t be as effective an observer on-line, but I’ve found that I am still able to make form corrections, sense fatigue, call out cues, and generally give encouragement. The one thing that is a little bothersome is that I often have to choose what part of my client’s body I get to see. If they’re standing I can see their head or their feet, but usually not both. I can extrapolate pretty well from what I do see but I miss seeing their smiling faces as they finish a particularly challenging set!

Some good things have come out of the experience. I’ve been able to work with people I would not have before when I was limited by commute time. I now have clients near Chicago, in Michigan, in Mebane, and in north Raleigh! And since I’m not commuting from one person to the next, I am able to schedule clients a bit closer together, which also allows me to see more people.

Recently my family decided to travel to the beach and, because I am on zoom, I was still able to see folks for their regularly scheduled sessions. That’s not to say I will never take a vacation, but I like to give people fair warning when that is going to happen—not just drop it on them because I got a wild hair!

And finally, while I’m used to seeing people in their homes, now they’ve seen me in mine - with kids, husband, dog, cats… We’ve all learned we can find the time and the space at home to get the exercise we need. It may take some creativity and some help from friends and family, but it’s worth it.

Overall the zoom training is working rather well! However, I do look forward to being with my clients in person again, as I think there is really no substitute for the “in-person” experience.

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