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Just do it?

I’m often asked what to do when you don’t want to work out. We all have issues with motivation at times. Sometimes we feel pressed for time; sometimes we just don’t feel good, or maybe have some pain; sometimes we feel unsure of what exactly to do. Whatever the reason, the main thing to remember is what you want—not what you want right now, but what you want long term, and how your exercise fits in with that.

What are your reasons to exercise? Do you want to have the energy, mobility, and confidence to travel, or to play actively with your grandchildren? Do you want to relieve pain or reduce the amount of medication you take? Do you want to sleep better? It’s helpful to be specific.

Now that you remember why you want to exercise, just start. You don’t have to commit to anything big. Just start with any movement. Assess how you feel. Does it feel good? Keep going. Does it hurt? Try a different movement. Are you feeling tired? Go slowly. Give yourself a cheer! You’re doing it! Set a small goal: 2 more reps, 5 more minutes, another 1/4 mile. Ramp it up a notch. Look straight ahead and keep going. Pat yourself on the back. Set another small goal: 1 more set, 1 more exercise, 1 more minute. Tell yourself how well you’re doing.

You’ll be amazed at what you can accomplish just by giving yourself the opportunity.

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