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Spry Fitness is Born

Updated: Apr 9, 2020

With the launching of a new business comes the fun of choosing a business name. Who knew if would be so hard? It's a bit like a baby name, I think. Before the baby is born, everyone feels perfectly comfortable criticizing your idea and suggesting alternatives. Once the child is in the world and has been given a name, it is usually accepted and praised. That's been my experience with choosing my business name. But the baby is born, and I’m announcing that my business name is now Spry Fitness. I like that the name indicates that the people I work with are “energetic, active, full of life, playful, jaunty, vigorous, spirited, vivacious, agile, nimble” - even as they find themselves getting older. My clients are also fun and smart, and I appreciate that they seem to value my expert guidance.

I like to think that Spry could also be an acronym: Strong (and Sexy?), Powerful, Resilient, Youthful, for starters.

I am so grateful for all of the support I have gotten from clients and friends as I went out on my own with Spry Fitness. I appreciate that everyone seems to really believe in my mission to help people live stronger, longer! Some have even pointed out that I will be helping people "age in place" which is a big thing nowadays. If you are mobile, energetic, strong and confident, not only can you continue to live independently, but you can truly enjoy your live well into retirement.

I think you know that, whether you are someone who has been an exerciser or you are someone for whom this is a new endeavor, I want to help you see movement and exercise as an opportunity to experience yourself as strong and capable, to experience life in its fullest, to enjoy health and wellness, and to have fun! If you know other fun, smart people who would value and benefit from expert guidance in their exercise, please do me (and them) the favor of sharing my name and number with them!

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