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Susan Saenger

I help people 55 and up have the strength, energy, mobility, and confidence to enjoy the second half of their lives!


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Movement IS the Fountain of Youth. Being physically active decreases stress, improves sleep quality, builds confidence and is energizing!

Whether you're a life-long exerciser or if this is all new to you, a bit of professional guidance and encouragement can be  extremely helpful. 



Work with me one-on-one or with a friend. Live sessions allow for immediate feedback and are best for learning new things.
Fun and motivating!



Get personalized workouts, but do them when YOU want to.



Self-paced classes on particular topics. 



Susan Saenger, MA, CPT, CES, LCMHC, BC-DMT

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I am a certified personal trainer with over a decade of experience working with smart, fun, health-oriented people 55 years and over. My background in dance, dance therapy, Yoga, Tai Chi, Crossfit, and other movement and fitness modalities combine to provide a deep perspective.  I have additional certifications in Corrective Exercise, Senior Fitness, and Exercise for Brain Health.

My clients value the expert guidance I can give them. I understand that people are different - different body types and genetics, different backgrounds and experiences - so cookie cutter workouts are not what I do. I watch and listen and adjust and challenge as necessary. I also know that wherever and whenever you start, you can make progress.

My fitness philosophy is practical: what do you want or need to be able to do? My approach, therefore, is functional. I design programs tailored to each client based on his/her goals. I particularly enjoy corrective exercise and post-rehab work and my clients have reported reduction of pain and improved range of motion. I am known as a stickler for form, but my clients appreciate that my motto is, “Getting hurt is not part of the plan.”

Susan Saenger impressed me with her proficiency, her respect for my limitations, her bright personality, her willingness to seek new ways to increase my mobility and strength. All the time I worked with her at the health club, I felt her skill and personal expertise. She continually encouraged me to keep trying. And she smiled as she did it!

Mary C.

I was very happy with the experience I had with Susan. While she was very professional in her approach I also found that she was very warm and caring about the training and I really looked forward to my sessions.


None of us wants to admit to the aging process, but all, if lucky enough, will get there and how we approach a diminished ability to perform physical activity requires the right approach. Susan seems to understand this.



Call or email for your FREE Spry Fitness Assessment today! You’re on your way to a more fit, healthy, and strong you.

Call Susan: 919-215-2759


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Core Essentionals for Balance

The most essential components of balance that will help build your confidence so you can get the most out of life!

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“Think of movement and exercise as an opportunity rather than an inconvenience.”

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